12 days after the beginning of the floods in Colorado, the 46-year-old Drake man that had been listed as missing, presumed dead as been found alive and well and has checked in with authorities. The man told deputies he managed to climb out of a window in his house before it was swept away by the flood.

Six individuals on the unaccounted list have now officially been listed as missing. These people are not presumed dead but are listed as missing because their family and friends have been unable to contact them since before the flood. The six individuals now listed as missing are:

1. James Atwood from Pinewood Springs
2. Bruce Bechtel from Loveland
3. Carl Grunke, from Estes Park
4. Jon-Erik Huffspater from Loveland
5. Marilyn Powell from Drake
6. Michael Williams from Drake

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator Kevin Maul at 970-498-5164.