Like Brian Gary, I am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. Go ahead get your 2-12 jabs in. As a fan I have 'liked' them on Facebook, but I thought they were pretty brave when they posted the following today: Looking for a last minute gift? Get 25% off a purchase of $100 or more at the Vikings Locker Room. I knew it would generate some priceless comments.

  • Do they have any Andrew Luck jerseys in stock?
  • Can the Vikings get 25% off of their losses over 10?
  • the gift i want is 4 us vikings to win the last games of the season.
  • It should be "Get 100% off a purchase $25 or more.
  • is this for real? you are actually trying to sell merchandise? funny, I'm selling mine on eBay!
  • Should send me a free fitted after these past 2 seasons.
  • Crappy coach, crappy owner and major lack of tallant. Peterson is too fragile, Ponder isn't the future and we have nothing really on D. Ok Allen is having a career year. It's because the opponent isn't worried about our pressure so he get's in frequently. Fix it Wilf then sell us Vikings gear.
  • i ordered something for the hubby, yes $100! typed in the code for 25% off and did i get the discount?! NOOOO!!!! Grrrrr
  • last minute gift? win the last game! puhhleaseee...
  • Green Bay sucks ...!!!! always have always will....!!!!!!

Made my day. Happy holidays.