The miller moths are here! I had one in my kitchen this morning.  Then I got in my truck to go to work and I had to shoo a miller moth out  before I took off.  I thought to myself, "Someday one of these things is going to cause an accident."  That happened this week in Colorado Springs. We have video of the fiery crash scene.

A Colorado Springs teenager says she crashed after being distracted by a miller moth and had to be pulled from her burning vehicle.

The crash happened at the 7800 block of Lexington Drive. The 18-year-old teen says Miller moths distracted her to the point she lost control of her SUV, and crashed right into a tree.

Her SUV ruptured a gas line, but before it was engulfed in flames, two witnesses of the crash rescued the teen.

A Miller moth expert at Colorado State University told 9News the moths will be around for a few more weeks.

Thanks to YouTube for the video of the fiery aftermath of the crash that was caused by a miller moth.