There are many organizations who focus on the needs of our Military men and woman regardless of deployment or being state-side. American Military Family is one of the best and today I want to introduce you to The Landstuhl Hospital Care Project

LHCP is a non-profit providing comfort and relief items for military members who become sick, injured, or wounded from service in the Middle East.  Today I learned that they have 9 units leaving Afghanistan by the end of August.   As awesome as this news is, the support teams are leaving earlier and that is where you and I come in.

From now till August all those men and women have to eat are MRE's.  As yummy as those are they deserve better than that so let's stand up and send them something real to eat.  The following list is what is being required for EACH month through August to sustain the LCHP plan.

  • 100 chicken or tuna snacks/meals
  • 50 protein/snack bar boxes
  • 25 beef jerky bags
  • 25 canned soup/fruits
  • ad

You can send anything else you think would be a nice treat for them.  It can be microwavable but please do not send anything in plastic containers since they break too easy on these long trips.

For more information or to send some food please contact Karen Grimord of LHCP, 29 Greenleaf Terrace, Stafford, VA 22556.  This is a great time to talk to your church, civic group, school function etc. about doing a food drive and lend a helping hand till we can bring them all home.