The Greeley Stampede has delivered once again on a stellar run so far but tonight, it's Military Appreciation Night, and sure to be a crowd favorite for many.

Join me tonight at the Greeley Stampede as I will once again be doing my show live from there today and Friday. Tonight though is a special night, with special meaning for many of us and if you show a military ID, military dependent ID, or come in uniform you get free park admission and a seat at the PRCA rodeo, in the north grandstands.

We enjoy our freedom today and most of us, not by choice, take it for granted and sometimes lose sight of why we are free to do as we please. It's because of all the service men and women who have served in past and current conflicts, and will continue to do so.

Many have given their lives over the years; Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and best friends, while many come home with scars that one can never see to those with limbs missing and how those lives are forever changed...for you and I!

I have never taken my freedom for granted and am well aware of the fact that freedom isn't free at all.

Not by a long shot.

It's a heavy price that has been paid with the blood of thousands of Americans who have been killed under the flag of the United States of America.

Our Wounded Warriors, and surviving troops, and living heroes that deserve our undying gratitude. So my challenge to you, today, is to never let a day go by that you don't go out of your way to at least say thank you to a Veteran. Buy their meal, pump some gas, push a grocery cart, but at the very least, they deserve a firm handshake and personal thank you from each and every one of us.

That is all, carry on.