Todd Harding, TSM

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Midtown Arts Center's performance of "White Christmas" over the weekend. The dinner theater has been doing the show since 2008 and I believe this is the strongest cast ever.  There is whole lot of new blood involved in this annual production and these guys are good.  It's not too late for you to catch the show. It runs through Sunday, December 29th and I was told there are a few tickets left.

If you have never been to Midtown Arts Center, you really have to go. It is so much more than what you expect from a dinner theater.  The talent is superb. The 4 leads in "White Christmas" are all extremely talented. They can all sing, dance and are all excellent actors.  I am a lifetime member of theatre and have seen dozens of productions over the past decade.  This one is definitely in my top 5. I am still singing the songs from the show, including "Sisters", "Blue Skies", "Snow", and "Count Your Blessings".  I sang that one in the shower this morning.


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