It's no mystery, the lottery officials have confirmed that three people or three tickets contain the winning numbers; yet today, no one has come forward. The Mega Million drawing was a record $656 million with a cash  payout of $105 million to each of the three winning ticket holders.

There is a story of a woman of 7 who said she had a winning ticket, then she didn't have the winning ticket, but wait if she did have the ticket it wasn't part of the office pool set of tickets and now the ticket is misplaced.

The latest news from the lottery office boils with drama. The McDonalds worker who said she had it now says she doesn't know where the ticket is, according to an article by the Huffington Post today. Mirlande Wilson of Maryland has said that she hid the ticket in the McDonalds, but was not allowed to look for it, this after she said the ticket was purchased in a separate lot from the bunch that she was in charge of purchasing for herself and 15 co-workers.

Today,  Wilson claims that she has no idea where the ticket is and is not really sure what happened to it. In an interview with a local tv station she appears to be hiding something, but that's just my take on it or could she be hiding the ticket to $105 million in cash.