Just when you need it the most there is always someone out there that brings a little humanity to light.  Here is something you just don't see everyday; a dancing cop.  Check out how Tony Lepore handles his Christmas job in Providence, Rhode Island.

Tony Lepore was just like all the other cops in Providence, Rhode Island.  He began working on the police force in 1984 and much like all the other officers hated the mundane task of working intersection traffic.  (I guess they didn't have enough traffic lights in 1984)

So he came to work one day after watching an episode of Candid Camera the night before which had featured some hidden camera's of other "bored" traffic cops around the country that added a little fun to their job.

So he thought he'd give it a whirl but scared of his bosses finding out so kept it hidden from them the best he could. Residents started calling the Police Station raving about what a great asset he was.  He was a HUGE hit in Providence.

In 1988 he quite the police force to go into private business with a family member but in 1992 they asked him to come back on as a reserve and "do his thing" for 10 days during the Christmas season.  He agreed and also agreed to keep his $1200 contract at those 1992 prices and still dances with traffic today.