Over the weekend, I took this picture from my bedroom which walks out to a wooden deck.  Sliding glass doors allow a perfect view of my new pal, a rabbit. Here's his story.

Last summer I heard a 'scratching' noise in my barn.  It was coming from an old armoire
where I found a baby rabbit stuck between a draw and the side of the dresser.  I figured a dog had chased it in there and now it couldn't get out.

I picked him up, tucked him under my chin and walked up to my house,  then put him on the ground next to the deck, and he hopped under it.  There have been other rabbits under there, hiding from our dogs...who love to hunt!

Now, 6 months later, I have entertainment right out my door.  I leave him hay and carrots and he'll eat where I can watch.  He has a buddy who isn't quite so 'tame' and I think they
must both be males.  The reason being, there are no little ones, yet...but I'll keep you posted.