The Larimer County Sheriff's Office said the High Park Fire has burned more than 43,000 acres now and damaged or destroyed 118 structures. More than 100 horses that have been evacuated from the fire, are at the Ranch. If you want to help, call Liz at (970) 619 4007 or Mary at (970)-619-4009... They are taking names and numbers for donations of hay and for volunteers. As I understand, there is plenty of donated hay, but they're a little short of space to store it. If you need to have a horse picked up, please contact the Larimer County Sheriff's 227-1921 or James 691-4470.
I've received many missives from folks who want to help. These numbers should allow you to roll up your sleeves and dig in. I personally ask that you keep me posted on your or your organization's efforts. We all love to hear stories of hope. Some of the news coverage yesterday, featured a video of a newborn alpaca at the Ranch and there was an expectant mare due to deliver any moment. Susan