Men like to make their surroundings manly. We will put up car posters or calendars. We will put a mini fridge and TV in the garage to mark our territory and make it ours. When it comes to the bedroom and bathroom, we tend to give in and let the estrogen take over those rooms but the kitchen should be a safe place for both sexes.

I love to do the cooking in our home. I am like a lot of men these days who enjoy being in the kitchen. Most men can handle a grill but a lot of them panic in front of an oven. Guys, you don’t need an open fire to cook manly. You just need manly cooking utensils.

Brian Gary, TSM

I am a long haired, pro wrestler looking biker dude who also can whip up one hell of a cheesecake. I owe much of my cooking prowess to my “mantensils”. I picked up most of these at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I used to have to use pot holders with daisies on them or spatulas with some type of floral design on the handles but no more. I have skulls and rock and roll hands all over mine. Move over ladies, the men are moving into the kitchen. Feel free to clean the garage while I make this hot dish.