There are a lot of very touching stories coming out about Chicago Cubs super-fans and what winning the World Series meant to them and their families. Generations of fans have waited so long for that moment that they thought might never come. I can relate to this being a Minnesota Viking fan. I have begged every year for them to just win one before I die. I have told my kids that I have this horrible feeling that one day they will be sitting around watching the Vikings win the Super Bowl and talking about how much dad would have loved to be alive to see this. I want one while I'm here! I know Cub fans have felt my pain, which is why this story really touched me.

Wayne Williams of North Carolina and his dad were huge Cub fans. Wayne made a promise with his dad that when the day came that the Cubs were in the World Series that they would listen to the games together. He kept his promise even though his dad had passed away long ago. He jumped in his car in North Carolina and drove 600 miles to a cemetery in Indiana to listen to game 7 on the radio at his dad's grave. I wept when I saw this story. You will too.