Cody Alan Powell turned himself in to Fort Collins Police yesterday afternoon. The 23-year-old Loveland man was arrested in connection with the shooting of Loveland Police Officer Garret Osilka during a traffic stop Sunday night. (Click HERE for our earlier story about the shooting.)

Loveland Police Chief Luke Hecker conveys the following message to community members and fellow law enforcement officials:

On behalf of Officer Garrett Osilka and his beautiful family, I am very pleased to be at this juncture in the long process of obtaining a true and just disposition in the case.”

 “I am fiercely proud of the tireless effort of the men and women of the Loveland Police Department over the last few days to investigate this case around the clock and uncover meaningful facts.”

“I thank the District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies in the region for their ongoing aid in the investigation. I also thank the community for standing up in strong support of Officer Osilka and the Loveland Police Department. We still have a lot of work to do on the case and we deeply appreciate the ready, helping hands and kindness of so many people.

Source: Loveland Police Department Press Release

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