Susan Moore, TSM

Boulder Police have arrested a man suspected of riding a horse while drunk through the city yesterday. 45-year-old Patrick Schumacher is facing charges of riding a horse while under the influence of alcohol.

Police pulled the horse over and Schumacher was arrested after he was given a sobriety test. Police say the rider had a small pug dog named Bufford in his backpack and beer and a black powder pistol in his saddlebags.

Officers say he told them he was traveling from Larkspur, Colo., to his brother's wedding in Bryce, Utah, and that he had to make the 600-mile journey by horse because he lost his driver's license.

Schumacher is also facing a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge as well as prohibited use of weapons and a reckless endangerment charge. The horse and the dog have been seized.


(Information is from: Daily Camera)