This is a great week for the good morning guys. We are going to several schools to read Dr. Suess books to kids. There is no better feeling than getting in front of a group of kids and having them listen to you read them a story. In these days of high tech toys and gadgets there is something special about the simple act of reading.

When I get home from work each day and my grandson comes running up to me carrying a book I am in heaven. There is nothing that cannot wait until later when a child wants your lap and a story. Don’t pass up these opportunities. Getting to show him pictures and have him point to things, using goofy voices for the characters and having that bonding time together is the greatest gift in the world.

We get very consumed in the pace of our lives and jobs and it is very easy to forget about the little things that make life worth living. Take a breath and appreciate the simple joys of life like sharing a story with a child. There are all sorts of libraries and schools that would love your voice if you don’t have children of your own. Read to our children and help their imaginations run wild.



Here is where we are reading this week to celebrate Read Across America, which falls on  Dr Suess' birthday, Friday, March 2nd:

  • Monday, February 27th- Todd read at Big Thompson Elementary in Loveland
  • Thursday, March 1st-Brian & Todd will read at Livermore Elementary & RedFeather Elementary
  • Friday, March 2nd-Brian & Todd will read at Scott Elementary and Todd will also read at Laurel Elementary


This is a video of Brian reading "And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street" to the 5th grade students at Scott Elementary in Greeley last year.  Drew from Star Painter Productions was there to capture the reading.