In a press release from the Larimer County Sheriff's office today, a magazine selling crew in a van is combing local neighborhoods.

In today's press release the sheriff's office says that Timnath police have reported seeing a van with approximately 13 young adults ranging in age from 17-26. They have identified themselves as a a group staying in the mountains and selling magazine subscriptions.

The sheriff's office goes on to say that most door-to-door magazine sales efforts are a scam to get your money, bank account information or credit card number. Rarely will you ever see the magazines arrive.

Typically, these individuals will usually say they are a relative of a neighbor or a local school student raising money for a scholarship or trip. They will also use high pressure sales tactics and refusing them can be difficult at times.

Larimer county sheriff Justin Smith advises you to contact local law enforcement anytime you are not comfortable with a door-to-door salesman. To assist in the police investigation of such scams the sheriff asks that you try to remember as much as you can about the individuals including piercings and tattoos along with hair color and approximate height.

Many times they will be friendly and try to work their way into your home. The sheriff's department reminds you to never let these individuals in your home as they will use this as an opportunity to steal valuables from you home.

Report suspicious activity by calling 970-416-1985 or online at