Having grown up (and still residing) in Loveland, I have a pretty good 'lay of the land'- especially when it comes to where the fender-benders happen.

Take a look at my top five intersections that you should be cautious of in The Sweetheart City!

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    The Hwy 34/I-25 interchange

    It's nowhere near the white-knuckle experience that it used to be with the cloverleaf, true. However,  with so many people traveling through this interchange- you have to keep an extra eye on 'the other guy'

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    29th at 287

    Loveland to Fort Collins. Fort Collins to Loveland/Berthoud.  The east side of Loveland to the lake or golf course. The west side of town to the hospital.  29th Street and Hwy 287 (Lincoln) is a hub to get THROUGH Loveland. With the gas station on one corner, the smell of Applebee's on another, this intersection has seen it's share of accidents/citations.


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    57th at 287

    It's the last 'major' intersection heading north out of town, and the first one heading south INTO town. Maybe that's why people have a tendency to not pay attention. The addition of a new Wal-Mart just north of here has only added to the mayhem!

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    Madison at Eiesnhower

    I can see where this is an easy intersection for folks using Hwy 34 (Eisenhower) as a conduit to Estes and Rocky Mountain National Park; they just drive straight through it. For locals, it's become just ridiculous!  Those CRAZY 'shared/lane' turn lanes make this my most-dreaded stoplight in Loveland!! Why don't we just put a stupid 'roundabout' there!  Wait. No. Don't do that.

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    Hwy 402 at I -25

    I can personally attest to the danger of this spot.  It was over 20 years ago, but I remember my mom and brother being in a wreck here- very scary. This is where Hwy 402 passes under I-25 and meets the frontage road coming from Johnson's Corner.  Back when there wasn't a light-- that was the worst!  But it is still a sketchy 'watch out!' stop!!

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