The expansion celebration for The Rialto Theater in Loveland continues Friday night- For FREE!

Get the details on the renovation and the celebration-inside!

The Rialto Theater opened on 4th street in downtown Loveland in 1920.  It was renovated in 1996; and while it has been charming, it has lacked a lot of functionality due to  space constraints. A few years ago though, they came up with a plan:

So, they tore down those buildings–

On June 1st of 2011, they broke ground on the ‘Rialto Bridge‘ 20,000 sq ft expansion project. I’ll bet if you were to take a poll, a majority of people actually thought there was going to be a bridge. In reality, it was a take on the actual Rialto Bridge in Venice:

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that they got tired of explaining ‘the bridge’ so they made a logical decision and changed the project’s name to “The Rialto Theater Center“.  That makes it pretty clear- it’s a CENTER- there is no bridge.

Even WITHOUT a fancy Venetian bridge– it looks great!

AOn Wednesday night, I had dinner at the restaurant on the main floor of the expansion- NEXT DOOR.  Get it? It’s next-door to the Rialto!  It was GREAT and priced RIGHT!

The Grand Opening celebration for The Rialto Theater Center has been going on this week!

On Wednesday, there was be a ribbon cutting ceremony  followed by a film festival. The film festival was entitled ‘4 Funny Films‘. It featured classic silent comedies from Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Rusty Arbuckle and Charley Chase. The night included accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra! It was a lot of fun.After all the joyous tears at the ribbon cutting, the silent comedies were the perfect fit.T

Tonight (4/13/2012): 6:15-9pm– Grand Night for the Community- a free open house for the public starting at 6:15pm; featuring performances from Up in Lights Productions, Loveland Opera Theater and Loveland Choral Society.

SATURDAY NIGHT (4/14/2012): Aaron Neville will be the first official concert at The Rialto Theater Center! Tickets are SOLD OUT for the event.