This Friday is a special day for many and I am pretty sure that even if you have never been in the military you know someone who has been or is now.  And even if you are that rare person that has never had someone in your life with military ties this should still be a special day for you because of all the soldiers who have died for the freedom we have today in the greatest country in the world.

The Veterans Day Parade in Loveland is Colorado's largest parade in the state on Veterans Day and I am personally inviting you and everyone you know to line the parade route and clap till your hands hurt!

The group I formed in June of this year, Journey 4 Justice, will have an entry in the parade and we would like to take this time to invite YOU to come and support our movement as well.  If you ride a motorcycle this is an open invitation to YOU and anyone YOU know who rides who would like to ride with us in support of our military and Journey 4 Justice.

Staging begins at 10AM in the area of 3rd and Railroad in Loveland and the parade will start to roll at 11:11AM.  If you want to ride with us be a walker to hand out cards and candy please be there by 10:30AM at the latest.

Veterans Day in Loveland means listening for the tolling of the bell that makes its reverent tour of town during the chilly early morning hours starting at 4AM.

Loveland was also a Regional Site for the observance of Veterans Day last year; an honor that a mere 45 cities in the NATION received!

Here is a sampling of what Friday has in store:

  • 0400: Bell ringers hit the streets
  • 0600: Posting of Flags of the fallen at Loveland Cemetery
  • 0600: Posting of Colors Downtown Loveland
  • 0600: OPEN FREE to public the Associated Vets Club @ 305 Cleveland Ave. View the military history of local veterans and more
  • 0600-0900: Breakfast @ Vets Club
  • 0700: Table displays & information for the public in Vets Club including Operation Military Kids, American Legion, US Army, US Navy, Freedom Car, and more
  • 1111: Parade starts and ends at Dwayne Webster Veterans Park (Veterans Memorial site)
  • 1200: Afternoon main event with Guest Speakers (In 2009 the speaker was Latoya Lucas, First Female elected Officer within the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s Department of Colorado.)
  • 1300: Lunch served up by Squadron 15 Sons of American Legion
  • 1300: Main hall entertainment with DJ music, Karaoke, & dancing

For more information on the parade please contact Tony DuMosch at the American Legion Post 15 located at 305 N. Cleveland Ave. in Loveland.