I have to be honest. Yesterday's Teacher Tuesday Presentation nearly brought tears to my eyes. Brian and I usually have a goal of making the teacher cry, but this time it backfired on me.  Ms. Schumacher, a 3rd grade teacher at B.F. Kitchen Elementary in Loveland was named our Teacher of the Week.   She was nominated by Student Jessica Woolsey.  The touching part was when Jessica read her letter to the class. I was so pleased that Jessica's mom let us show her in the video.

The YouTube video was shot by Drew from Star Painter Productions:

Ms. Schumacher received the following prizes:

  •  $25 Hu Hot Mongolian Grill gift certificate
  • 5-pack of CD’S
  • balloons
  • A framed awards certificate
  • A very nice nomination letter from Jessica Woolsey
  • A video of the presentation from Star Painter Productions

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