Loveland Ski Area used to be able to boast the chairlift at the highest elevation in North America. Breckenridge has since taken over that honor, but they still have some pretty darn high chairlifts. Along with elevation comes a few things, the most important of these is snow. Loveland is an incredible Colorado resort because of the quality of the snow, the varied terrain, and the lovely lack of crowds despite the resort is literally on top of I-70. Compared to the other resorts, it is difficult to find better deals and prices than Loveland offers. So, great deals, great snow, wonderful terrain and not very crowded? Doesn't add up, right? Right. But who cares! Take advantage.

Opening day at Loveland is October 23, 2012, making it the second resort this year to allow skiers and riders to load onto the lifts. Resort openings, at this time of year, will start falling like dominoes until Thanksgiving, when pretty much all of them will be open.