Loveland Police

There is not a single child-abduction or attempted child-abduction case that goes by without making my blood boil. This afternoon yet another young girl was almost taken in Loveland and police need your help to find the suspect.
A man tried to lure a 13-year-old girl into his car as she was leaving Carrie Martin Elementary School.
Larimer County Sheriff's deputies and investigators were called to Carrie Martin Elementary School in Loveland at approximately 3:30 this afternoon on the report of a man trying to pick up a young girl.
A 13-year-old Loveland girl reported that she was followed by a white male with salt & pepper hair and a white or grey goatee driving a maroon car with faded paint who asked her if she needed a ride.  The girl immediately ran into the school and the car sped off.
The car reportedly was a mid to late 90's mid-size sedan, maroon in color with very faded paint in spots and an unidentified graphic on the side.
Investigators are seeking the public's assistance with any information they can provide about the incident, the vehicle or the male driver.  If you have information, please call Investigator Mike Byers at 970-498-5169.
Parents are reminded to talk with their children about strangers following them in a car or speaking to them.  Children should run away immediately and notify a responsible adult about the encounter.
Extra patrols will be scheduled in the area.
This is Scary stuff, and it seems to becoming more commonplace in the news around here. That needs to stop.
Just two-weeks ago two men in a van tried to lure a 12-year-old girl into their delivery van, and in January two men in a van allegedly tried to abduct a 5th grade girl.All three of these attempted abductions happened while the young girls were coming home from school.
This makes me so angry...Spread the word and let's get this sicko off of our fair streets.