The City of Loveland is getting ready to launch its new branding with a new logo!

Not that they are setting aside “The Sweetheart City“, but they are updating the city’s moniker to help get more travelers to come to Loveland!

Next week, they will be deciding which logo to go with as part of the new branding.

We have pictures of the three logo designs they’re going to choose from– take a look and tell us what you think!

You could call it a ‘V‘, you could call it an ‘L‘, you could call it a ‘Heart‘.  The icon IS unique- just like my hometown of Loveland.

It’s part of how the city and the Community Marketing Commission is spending $500,000 to boost tourism to Loveland and the surrounding communities, with its ‘Destination Loveland‘ campaign.

Currently, there isn’t a whole lot of marketing being done to get people to town.  More importantly, there isn’t much marketing being done to get visitors to stay in one of the Loveland area’s 11,000 rooms.  In 2010 a 3% lodging tax went into effect- to raise funds to promote tourism, which is where the City of Loveland came up with the funds to begin the new branding.

The Community Marketing Commission has held two public open houses to display how they foresee Loveland’s new branding, and to get the public’s input.  I stopped by the last open house on May 7 to check things out.

I spent some time at the open house talking with Visitors Service Coordinator Cindy Mackin. She and the team are very excited about the new direction Loveland will be taking with the change.  She stated the city is not setting aside  “The Sweetheart City”, the slogan that the city has used for at least 50 years; that slogan can still be used along WITH the new branding in any given situation- such as promoting Loveland’s Valentine remailing program.

However, Cindy said that ‘The Sweetheart City’ kind of pigeon-holes the area, when we have so much more to offer- including shopping, arts, great golf, attractions, and business innovation.  She told me how the commission’s vision to establish and promote Loveland as a world-class destination for art, leisure, and business visitors the brand has to

  • Be malleable across many interests- art, recreation, shopping, etc.
  • Attract international travelers, vacationers from nearby states, and Colorado residents planning vacations closer to home.
  • Be forward thinking and able to grow as the City of Loveland expands tourism interests.

So, they asked the public which of the three logos below captures those goals:


Townsquare Media/Dave Jensen


Townsquare Media/Dave Jensen


Townsquare Media/Dave Jensen

Cindy informed me that they may chose one of the three designs above (by Perfect Square of Loveland) as is, or they may take the three and meld them together into one to create the new official marketing logo for Loveland. The decision will be made May 16 at the Community Marketing Commission’s next meeting. That’s when the full-on-push to get Loveland’s name out there will begin!

Though there won’t be an official open house to look at the designs and submit your thoughts on which one you think is right, you can email Cindy:

But I’m curious as well–