Ryan Brennecke was at the right place at the right time. Check out this awesome video of Lost Lake in Oregon draining itself dry.

You can find Lost Lake in Oregon, sometimes. The lake is really only there in the Winter and each Spring, it drains itself into a lava tube turning itself into a beautiful meadow for the Summer.

Ryan Brennecke was patient, and waited for this awesome moment that he recently caught on tape. No one really knows where the water goes and there has been much speculation but Jude McHugh gives a pretty reasonable explanation:

It’s not known whether the water flowing into the hole travels to an outlet, but it most likely seeps into the porous subsurface below, recharging the massive aquifer that feeds springs on both sides of the Cascade - Jude McHugh, spokeswoman with the Willamette National Forest

It seems though not everyone is excited about the lake draining itself each year which is evident by them trying to plug the hole with car parts, engines etc. All attempts to date have been unsuccessful, which is good since it would only cause mass flooding wiping out a main access road to the area.

Pretty cool though. I'd love to see Lost Lake drain itself, so perhaps this is another item I need to put on my bucket list, which seems to grow larger and larger the older I get. When it drains though is a crap-shoot so timing is everything and to see it, you better have some time to kill.