My number one fan, my husband Dr. Bob, calls me a ‘crusader’ for Benchmark. It has positively changed my life and I’ve never felt better! In an attempt to fit into a lovely dress, I lost 30 pounds in the spring of 2017.  While that was totally about vanity, there were so many more benefits from Benchmark. I’m now in the maintenance part of my incredible journey and am keeping the weight off due to my new lifestyle habits. This is where, in the past, I had slipped up. I now weigh-in weekly and still have the love and support of Benchmark's terrific team.

What I've learned above all is to be a thin person I must eat like a thin person. My Bestie, Kitty is a shining example and an inspiration. We love to go out for lunch and both enjoy martinis - in moderation.

I spent much of my adult life dieting, successfully losing fat only to regain it once the diet was over. Benchmark is different in that I want to feel this good always and actually WANT clean, healthy food now. I found Benchmark’s ‘fruity beverages’ replaced my old beer habit and I just don’t think about it anymore…much.

The whole team of angels at Benchmark is supportive, positive, encouraging…you can’t NOT succeed. I am so grateful.

Here's an added perk...this outfit had hung in my closet for years, and now it fits.