I have to hand it to city and state officials who have been keeping us all up-to-date with information about the flooding in Colorado, especially here in Larimer County. (Case in point, the updates from Sheriff Justin Smith.) Larimer County has already created a page with information containing immediate and long-term info for flood recovery information.

It has a lot of info up already and is organized so we'll all know where to find info that will be coming in the future with the recovery efforts. Here is the different groups of information it has so far:

  • Short Term Relief & Recovery Assistance **Includes Relief & Recovery Guide, by Colorado 211**
  • Survivor Registry/Survivor Locator **www.safeandwell.org or dial 211**
  • Public Meetings
  • Updates/Events/Videos
  • Roads and Construction
  • Grants and Loans
  • Clean-Up
  • ReBuilding/Structures
  • Community and Other Resources
  • Livestock/Animals
  • Other State and Federal Information
  • Volunteer Opportunities/Volunteers Needed
  • Contact Information

That is going to be a very informative hub of documents, forms and information for everyone affected by the flooding in Larimer County.