It was just about a year ago that people from America and across the world came to know and love Caine Monroy and his cardboard arcade.

Thousands of people have visited his arcade, thousands have been donated to help OTHER children develop THEIR imaginations!  One school in Loveland is gearing up for The Imagination Foundation's Global Play of Day this week- come in and find out more!

Caine Monroy has become very popular since the little video about his arcade came out last year.  Even Jack Black and his family stopped by to have some fun there!  With the massed popularity of what Caine had accomplished has sprung "Imagination Foundation". Their mission is  to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.

Check out Caine- one year later- and one year Mr. Popular!

I saw on Facebook today one of the Thompson School District schools will be participating in the event-

Laurene Edmonson will be participating in the Cardboard Challenge/Global Day of Play On Oct. 5, Friday from 1:00-3:15. For more information, see Edmondon staff chose to par

ticipate in this with the following purposes in mind: To find, foster, and fund creativity, entrepreneurship, and engineering in kids; To kick off and gain excitement for becoming a STEM focus school; and to support our school vision: LEES will be a responsive community that engages learners through critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving to empower students to be innovative world citizens.
Edmonson is just ONE of the places where kids AND ADULTS can learn more- and have fun!