I’ve wondered a lot lately about all these medical marijuana (MMJ) dispencaries (shops) popping up as of late, and if ALL these people could be really needing the benefits of medicinal marijuana; or were there some just dodging the law and getting docs to get them some pot.

Come to find out, the Larimer County Sheriff’s office may have been wondering the same thing.

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On Thursday, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office arrested two doctors after an investigation on charges that they had been providing false medical marijuana recommendations.


Dr. Dallas Willliams of Miliken practices medicine at In Harmony Wellness Center in Windsor. (Pictured, left)

Dr. Joseph Montante of Longmont, practices medicine at the Dr. Green Blossom Wellness Center in Loveland.

From the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office press release:

[The two men were arrested] by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office for investigation of Attempting to Influence a Public Servant, a class four felony.

These arrests were based on an undercover investigation involving members of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Impact Unit, investigators from the North Metro Drug Task Force, and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

This investigation was initiated after investigators received information that both doctors were issuing medical marijuana recommendations to clients with knowledge that the clients did not suffer from a “debilitating medical condition.”  Colorado law limits the use of medical marijuana to those who suffer from legally defined “debilitating medical conditions.”   Based on this information, undercover investigators initiated contact with both doctors and were able to obtain recommendations for medical marijuana after clearly stating they had no debilitating medical conditions which would authorize them to obtain medical marijuana.

So, as far as these two doctors were concerned, to ‘Joes’ come in from off the street and ask for recommendations ‘just because’ they want some marijuana. Not need– WANT.

Allegedly- that ws not a problem for the doctors.

I don’t know exactly what “Attempting to Influence a Public Servant” means in this case. Under Colorado law, attempting to influence a public servant means using deceit or a threat with the intent of changing how a public servant performs his or her function.

Both men were released after poting $3,500.00 personal recognizance bonds.

The case is now it the hands of the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office.

We’ll have to see how the case turns out.. but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one ‘suspect’ of the purchasing of marijuana at these shops.