If you know the soul of a horse, you'll love this music coming to Hearts and Horses July 18, 2016. The Juni Fisher Benefit Concert. Juni is a horsewoman and Nashville musician; it will be just her and her guitar in the newly renovated H&H arena.  The "stage" will be the mounting ramp :) Perfect!Juni Fisher has been riding horses all her life and writing and recording music, as well. Here's what Juni said about her CD, 'Listen to the Horse'

“The true horsemen and women who listen to this album may be inspired to laugh, cry, and share the word. Those who do not fully understand may seek to learn more, and for that, the horses of the world are celebrating.”

The title track “Listen” has a natural horsemanship message of tuning into a horse and trying to see things from its perspective.

 Hearts and Horses Therapeutic Riding Center

             163 No. Co. Road 29, Loveland, CO

             7:00 PM, $28.00 per person. Bring a favorite chair,

             food and drink will be available.

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Juni does Bonnie Raitt's song...