Lifehacks for a simpler life are just that, ways to do what you do, faster, better and cheaper.

Lifehacks for a Simpler Life TSM


  • Put your phone into airplane mode, it will charge faster
  • You know the arrow next to the gas pump on your fuel gauge? That indicates what side of the vehicle your gas tank is on
  • Eat Cheetos with chopsticks, no orange fingers and it will slow you down, so maybe you don't eat the whole bag
  • Peel a banana from the bottom, give a little squeeze and peel
  • Brain freeze? Press your tongue on the roof of your mouth
  • Rubbing a walnut on damaged furniture will take away the dings
  • Use a dustpan propped in the sink to fill a container that is too large for the sink
  • Putting your car alarm remote under your chin increases its range

Have fun and share any lifehacks you may have