A few weeks ago, we shared the story of LeVar Burton's crowd-funding efforts on KickStarter to resurrect the beloved public access show Reading Rainbow. At that time, the campaign had already exceeded its $1 million goal.  But now, it's gone way beyond even that.


...Burton managed to raise over $5.4 million dollars through the Internet fundraising website. While that number isn't the most raised by any campaign on the site...it did set a record for the most backers, with over 100,000 people buying into the revamped literary show.

100,000 people donated their own money to bring backReading Rainbow?That's amazing! Isn't it inspiring to see proof that people still care about teaching kids to read?

Rather than being another television show, the new Reading Rainbow is a subscription-based app that contains all the same content people love, plus some new features that make it more accessible for parents and teachers.

Welcome back, Reading Rainbow!