Volare, my 3-year-old filly, is laminitic and must lose weight.  Thankfully, my Bestie, Kitty is in charge. She took my horse to her farm and keeps me updated and giggling.
Friday, April 18, 2014

Hi mom having a good time at camp it's very fun with my new friends !

Volare at Fat Camp with New Friends
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Hi Mom the camp director here at western exposure wanted you to see that we got yummy hay and ten pieces of grain in the dining hall.  Later she said I can go out and play in the  round pen with my new fellow campers! They chase me around and around it is so fun. And I don't feel sore cause I can stop whenever I want!   I am in love with that cute boy dodge and he loves me too!  Aunt kitty wants too know if you want to go on a road trip tomorrow to FC to get some turtles and maybe stop at the biker bar for a lemon drop ( she has to go to the dentist so she may need a little pain killer). When is parents day again ?  Miss you love volare ps please send some of that Easter chocolate
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Look mom they have these things called nibble nets at camp!  It takes me forever to eat my food but I am savoring it!  The vet didn't feel any heat in my feet either, she watched me travel out and said she didn't see any lameness in my stride.  She said I need a pedicure so what's his name is coming Monday he coming while you are still at work if that's ok?  Auntie kitty wanted to know is your appt this Monday or next?  See you soon I am going to lanyard making class now love volare!  Ps kitty's vet isn't a fan of Arabs but she said I was very pretty
Volare and Nibble Net
Friday, April 25,2014
Hi mom we are having a very fun day at camp today!  It's fertilizer/weed  day so all my fellow campers have to stay in the paddock so they are all playing with me,  I am a camp favorite you know..  My nibble net keeps me very busy all day so I am not participating in all of the activities offered like yesterday we had beauty shop but I was busy trying to wrestle my food out!!! Auntie kitty/ camp director said you were coming to visit??? Yippee can you come about 230? Love volare ps try to sneak in some snacks!!!!
Austin, yearling filly is a rare champagne color.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hi mom! Well it's a busy day at camp, little baby Austin wet her bed last night and then cried about it.  We all told her not to play with her auto waterer but she wouldn't listen, so it flooded her bed and she couldn't lie down!  These youngsters need to listen to us older campers.  My fellow campers are still in the paddock today due to the fertilizers, so the hang out by my stall especially my new boyfriend Dodgie . The camp director is off to Denver for a crayfish broil what ever that is? It sounds icky. Love volare ps if you come for parents day sneak me in a PBJ or something.
Susan Moore, TSM Riding Dodge
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 5:11 PM
Dear Mom, I think you misread the camp brochure, this is not the happiest place on earth it is the windiest!  We had personal hygiene this morning, the camp director said I reminded her of one of those root beer candies!  I gave her one of those looks ( the one you said I wouldn't want my face to freeze like) she just laughed and said those are one of her favorite candies. Maybe you should being her some so you could sneak some to me?  Come see me soon I miss you. Love volare. P.s. Dodgie and I are now going steady but I don't have my promise halter yet
I got 'back in the saddle' Friday, April 25 ( a month since I lost my fingers) with Kitty Wilson on her horse Daytona,a 4-year-old black point blue roan...his
big, long lope was medicinal.