Every Halloween our little ghouls and goblins parade the streets, malls and schools looking for the tastiest treats. It seems to me that the treats are shrinking in size though. I feel kids are getting ripped off. When we were kids it was not uncommon to get a full sized candy bar from most houses. They didn't even have "fun sized" candy back then. May I say that whoever coined the term "fun sized" was a big fat liar. What is fun about a tiny candy bar? A fun sized treat would be the size of a Toyota Tundra. Now that would be a candy bar.

Kids now come home with bags full of candy like tiny boxes of Dots, Whoppers or Milk Duds with a grand total of 2 Duds in them. How about a chewable pellet of taffy? The worst was when you accidentally knocked on the door of the local dentist who gave you a toothbrush or pamphlet. I would rather have a cough drop or packet of taco sauce. I can barely find anything to steal from my grand kids bags anymore.

Brian Gary

This year I am encouraging people to trick or treat for meat. I am going to be the hit of the neighborhood on Halloween. I am giving out Brian Gary Burgers from Randy's All American Grill. The first 100 kids who show up at my door will get a delicious, several pound, meat and cheese fest dropped into their bags. The weight of these bad boys will send many a devil and princess to their knees. I can only imagine the look on the parents faces when they go through the goodies and find this big bad burger sitting on top of a pile of tiny candy. I would love to do this but I will have to wait and see if I have the winning bid in the first ever Northern Colorado Auction at K99.com. The auction will begin on Tuesday the 15th and conclude at 8 pm on the 17th. A $1000 tab at Randy's is one of the many great items you can bid on. Randy's has great food and drink and the perfect room for all your holiday parties or gatherings. You can preview all the items up for bid here. If I get the winning bid on the Randy's one, there are going to be a lot of happy trick or treaters in my neighborhood.