According to the Roper organization, 40 million Americans have skinny dipped in mixed company. Now those in the Denver area can try it out AND be part of making a World Record at Mountain Air Ranch, Colorado’s Family Nudist Resort. The resort, set on 150 acres just outside of Denver, allows skinny dipping without the worries of legal hassles.

The Guinness World Record for the largest number of people simultaneously in the water without swimsuits was set in 2010 with 14,110 persons. At 1:00 pm local time on July 13, participants across North America will be part of an attempt to break the 2010 record in a "wearing zip, let's skinny dip" event in lakes, pools, rivers, streams and beaches. Mountain Air Ranch  is inviting everyone in Colorado to help set the hot new record at their pool in the beautiful foothills just 25 minutes west of Denver.

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