It's terrifying out there. I am scared everyday to head out of my house and hit the roads. People drive more and more carelessly then ever. We are so distracted by our phones and other technologies that we forget the main thing about driving...paying attention to all of your surroundings. Keep in mind the roads are not yours. They are every ones. We are all out there sharing them. We are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who all want to get home to the ones we love. That sounds simple but drivers who multitask and aren't tuned into the road put us all at risk.

We have all done it, looked down to send a quick text or take a call, then look up and be relieved you are still on the road. Let's stop it now. We all have the ability to make the roads safer. Getting somewhere is not a race or competition. Getting there safely should be the only goal. Driving is a responsibility, that is why you need a license to do it. You are to learn how to be on the road safely. We need to remember this. It is not just our lives on the line out there but the lives and loved ones of the community. Please look twice at each intersection and then look twice again. Put down the phone and just drive. I caught myself texting and driving yesterday and I vow to pull over from now on before I ever send another one. Let's all get to where we are going safely and keep an eye out for each other. I lost a dear friend on the roads yesterday and it has changed me forever.