A couple weeks ago Brian Gary asked for your prayers for Rodeo legend Leon Coffee, who was in the hospital battling bacterial meningitis, and thousands of you responded.  Leon and his family appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and well wishes.   He has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, but Mr. Coffee still needs your help.

Rodeo clowns don't make a ton of money, even the best ones.  To be quite honest, Leon and his family could use some help paying medical bills.

ProRodeo Hall of Fame Inductee Luke “Leon” Coffee returned home after nearly a week at North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio with bacterial meningitis.  Leon was treated in the Intensive Care Unit and responded well, as he regained his ability to speak. He is now at home in Blanco, Texas, resting well and recuperating.


Anyone who wishes to make a donation to help Coffee pay for his medical costs can send a check in his name to: PO Box 1419, Blanco, TX, 78606