Oh, don't look at me that way. You don't get it either. Unless of course you were born on February 29th.

If you were born on February 29th, yay, you finally get your day after four years of waiting, I do know that is a big deal. I wouldn't give up my birthday for the sake of keeping the calendar in sync. A calendar, mind you, that is constantly under the microscope of accuracy.  I say, let's awaken our ancestors for a quick game of 'leap frog' and get this calendar bologna all cleared up. Of course part of the deal would be to make February 29th an annual event. (feel free to skip ahead to the video if I lost you at awaken our ancestors)

Leap year is at least as old as me, it's been confusing me since I can remember. (since about 1582)

They kicked it off by eliminating 11 days. In the year 1582, October 4 was immediately followed by October 15. Additionally, December became the last month of the year.

How crazy would that have been to go to bed one night and lose 11 days, that's quite the opposite of groundhog day, the movie. (wait a minute, that means you'd wake up to payday-not bad)

Then of course the Gregorians, Romans and others stir the pot along the way. I believe too, that the Gregorians came up with a plan to cancel Leap Year every a few times every 400 years as part of the grand scheme to keep the calendar completely in sync through the end of time. (sorry that's for another blog)

Along with Leap year there is Leap day and even Leap second. If you're born on Leap Day you are referred to as a leaper or leapling. You sure you don't want to awaken our ancestors for that game of leap frog?

For some, Leap day means another day before payday-that's not fun. For others its an excuse to hit happy hour with friends and raise a glass to our extra day. Yep, extra day, this year we'll have a few seconds, give or take, less than a full 366 days.

If we did actually cancel Leap Year we would end up spinning out of the galaxy-Stop, I am just kidding! Realistically, we would just shift to wearing bikinis at Christmas and parkas on the fourth of July.

Now if I have completely confused the matter, I have found an really cool video that breaks it all down-it's like a clean honey badger video talking about Leap Year. :)

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