A group comprised of police chiefs and sheriffs from all across the country have recently criticized the state legislature’s regulation of the new marijuana industry and their proposal of a 5 nanograms per liter DUI standard.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group representing more than 5,000 law enforcement officials who are opposed to the war on drugs.  Their argument is that while no one who is impaired in any way should be driving, period, they all agree and understand that marijuana is metabolized much differently from alcohol so cannot be measured in the same way.

Unlike tests that measure alcohol levels in the blood, tests that measure THC can give false positives days or even weeks after consumption. Meanwhile, substances as seemingly innocuous as cold medication could impair a driver but escape detection. Colorado police already employ time-honored methods of determining who is impaired; high-tech tools are no match for good old-fashioned police work - 36-year Denver police veteran Tony Ryan

So what do you think? Again, I have said it before and I will say it again.  90%+ people who oppose marijuana use have never used it and haven't a clue about what it does etc.  Alcohol and nicotine are also considered "drugs" by the FDA but socially acceptable even though they are the two most deadly substances known to man and the irony is they are made by man.

Why is that?  I would love one person who opposes the use of marijuana to explain that to me.  Why do we continue to allow the senseless destruction of 100's of thousands of lives every year due to deaths and ruined families because of alcohol alone.  Then we can talk about the benefits of nicotine.

Sure, let's make more...we don't care how many people they kill every year. Good luck coming up with an answer that actually makes sense and justifies your position.  All of you who think marijuana should be illegal should be the first to be advocating making alcohol and cigarettes illegal.  Are you willing to do that?