Loving laundry might be a bit of a stretch if you're anything like me, but I think I have found a key to it all.

djfrantic, flickr

I believe that the answer can be found in our car freshener. Usually I go for some Tropical Breeze freshener or Sandy Beaches and Pina Colada, but not this time.While I was shopping yesterday I ran across the car freshener section at Bed Bath and Beyond, I love the Yankee Candle Car Fresheners. Now when choosing a scent this time, my selection was limited (guess I know what people are getting in their stockings) so I was pushed to go outside of my box. I had it boiled down to Clean Cotton and Fluffy Towels, now for some reason the Fluffy Towels seemed to grab my attention the most. I couldn't smell the little car sticks from the package so I went on a hunt for the actual candle, in the sea of candles I finally found it and decided that is what I'd choose.Once I completed my shopping and got home, I opened my new car freshener package and put one in my car. It wasn't until I went to join friends for dinner that I got the full sense of Fluffy Towels, after all, who doesn't like fluffy towels? What do fluffy towels smell like? Glad you asked, the aroma smells like fresh laundry.

This morning while I was driving into work it dawned on me that the smell of my new car freshener might be the key to loving laundry. Think about it, we typically buy aroma's for the car that smell like the beach or a fruity blended drink you might drink on the beach, so why wouldn't we be driven to want to be at the beach instead of at work or home doing laundry? The smell of the sandy beaches makes me want to be on vacation, but the smell fresh laundry makes me want to fold towels. Don't laugh, I challenge you to try this, it is a break through in mind control, I'm sure of it.

There is some mumbo jumbo that can relate scent or sense of smell to pyschological persuasion, some advertisers have played around with the form of mind control. And Psychologists do believe that our physiological senses persuade us to respond certain ways to smell. Ever put on perfume or cologne for a date, but not to go to work? Either way you look at it, buy into the thought that smells can motivate you or not it's worth a thought. So next time you buy a car freshener, go for the Fluffy Towels and look out laundry.