When you sit down and look at the menu at some of your favorite restaurants, do you ever think about the cleanliness of the kitchen? Outside of joking about someone spitting in your food if you send your plate back, I don't think most of us really think about the kitchen and what's really going on in there. Well, the latest health inspections at some Northern Colorado restaurants prove surprising, both good and bad.

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Restaurants are scored on a multitude of factors, some violations are critical and other are non-critical. Non-critical marks can lead to potential problems if not corrected. Here's a birds eye view of what inspectors are looking for when they visit a restaurant. Restaurants are graded on, but not limited to cleanliness, product rotation (spoiling effect and proper labeling), proper chemical storage, proper sanitation techniques implementation, hand washing and correct glove use.


  • Beau Jo's in Fort Collins recently scored a marginal rating
  • Big City Burrito in Fort Collins requires a follow-up
  • The Blind Pig in Old Town was rated good
  • Henry's Pub in Loveland Excellent, but needs a follow-up inspection (after the follow-up inspection, Henry's scored an Excellent rating, one of the hardest to achieve)
  • Mishawaka Amphitheater up the canyon received an average grade
  • Next-Door Tapas in Loveland is another one on the list of restaurants that needs a follow-up inspection
  • Pappy's Corner Pub in Southwest Fort Collins is marginal
  • Star of India in Midtown Fort Collins scored an average grade
  • Town Pump, an Old Town mainstay,m was recently rated excellent
  • Welsh Rabbit Cheese Bistro in Old Town Fort Collins scored an excellent
  • Zquila in Fort Collins was rated average

*Health inspection reports for Larimer County listed above are from within the last two weeks.