For a large man, I sure have a lot of food phobias. It is well known that I do not go anywhere near mayo and am actually terrified by the smell or sight of it. I am the same way with ranch dressing, onions, cauliflower and squash. I have never confessed this before but I also have the fear of the last bite of a hot dog and the end of a banana.

I think these fears may have started when I was very young and my mother must have told me to be careful when eating a hot dog because she heard about some kid who choked on the end of a wiener. I have always eaten the hot dog and then tossed the last little bite. I do the same thing with a banana. I think that last little bite of a banana looks like the devil's anus. Seriously, pull out that last bite out of the peel and tell me it doesn't look rather frightening. I know I am a freak but do you have any food phobias? Please go down to the comment section and share with me. I know I am not the only one who gets a little freaky when it comes to food.