Todd Harding, TSM

The Greeley Stampede wrapped up yesterday with some good red-neck fun.  The metal crunching Demo Derby packed 7,000 fans into Island Grove Arena yesterday.  Those fans got a treat as a local man won the derby! Jeff Boyer of LaSalle, CO took home the big prize at the derby on Sunday!  He was driving the orange & blue #88 car with the Denver Broncos logo on it. His son Evan took second.

I've always enjoyed the derby.   I think it's every little boy's fantasy to get to crash your car legally without getting hurt and these guys do go to great lengths to make sure the drivers are as safe as possible.  However, make no mistake about it, the demo derby is a dangerous sport. That is what makes it so thrilling! My wife and I got a few photos of the carnage. Hope you enjoy them.

The 2014 stampede is right around the corner. In late November or early December look for the announcement for the new summer night show line up.