Courtesy Larimer County Sheriff's Office

This past weekend Larimer County Search and Rescue members  successfully passed their re-accreditation test for the Mountain Rescue Association. About 40 of the LCSAR team showed off their skills in vertical and low-angle rescue, avalanche and snow rescue, and searching in rugged terrain throughout Larimer County.

These men and women are impressive. They do something I could never do. Not only do they put themselves in dangerous situations to help others, they are all in superior shape.  You have to be to jog up and down our Rocky Mountains.

Over the weekend the evaluators from other MRA teams gave the Larimer County team passing votes on all five test scenarios.

Every 5 years, each team is tested by peers from their Region in a series of five scenarios designed to simulate actual missions to which the team would respond. This rigorous peer-based testing assures that each member team maintains a consistent and compatible high level of skills.

Courtesy Larimer County Sheriff's Office

[Larimer County Sheriff's Office]