Early this afternoon we have been made aware of a couple of fire situations in the area.

Official word is out about a fire out around the Buckhorn Rd and Cougar Rd area, it is being referred to as the "High Park Fire".

The Larimer County Sheriff's office says:

Evacuations have been ordered for Paradise Park Road, Moose Horn Lane, Magic Lane and Spencer Mountain Road.

In a press release earlier the Sheriff's office said that the evacuation center has been set up at Cache La Poudre Middle School 3515 West County Road 54G in Laporte.

There is also said to be a controlled brush  fire around the Horsetooth area and a potential third fire up the Poudre. The latter has not been confirmed and is not the Cayman fire, that we know of at this time.

We are continually seeking information and will update this thread as soon as new information is made available to us.