The Colorado Department of Education has released figures for the 2012-2013 school year, including stats on disciplinary actions within the schools.  Of all the school districts in the state, two within Larimer and Weld Counties made the top ten of having students suspended.

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There are 181 school districts in Colorado. That means a lot of kids. With all those kids, at least some of them are going to get into trouble.  The Colorado Department of Education’s latest figures for the 2012-2013 school year show which districts had the most suspensions and expulsions.

Ranking the districts by the number of out-of-school suspensions, Larimer County’s Poudre  R-1 District and Weld County’s Greeley 6 District made the top 10.

At #9 was Poudre R-1.  The district saw 27 expulsions over the school year but made the top ten by having 1,408 out-of-school suspensions.

At #6 was Greeley District 6.  Only three students were expelled during the school year, but they did have 2,174 out-of-school suspensions.

#1 on the list was Denver County 1 School District. They saw 78 expulsions and over 6,250 out-of-school suspensions.

The district that had the most expulsions was Colorado Springs 11 District with 182; they had only 1,043 out-of-school suspensions, however.

[Source: Westword]

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