My yard was tore apart and now it is being put back together..but I can't decide on a tree, will you help me?

Greenspire Linden The Tree Farm

Oh, it might help to tell you that this would be for my front yard! :)

The Greenspire Linden:

Said to be a reliable shade tree even in difficult conditions and can survive in many different soils. They have tiny yellow flowers in the summer and tiny green heart shaped leaves that turn yellow in the fall.

Russian Hawthorn The Tree Farm

The Russian Hawthorn:

She seems to have more personality with creeping winding branches. Considered a small tree or even a large shrub. Kind of a chameleon in the fall, she turns yellow, orange and red and she sports white flowers with red berries into the winter.

Autumn Purple Ash Brighter Blooms

The Autumn Purple Ash:

This is a go with the flow kind of tree said to adapt to most soils and is very easy to grow. Here's a huge plus, she is drought tolerant with low maintenance and has long lasting fall colors. She is also said to be the only shade tree that turns purple in the fall.

Okay... there you have it, any idea's of your own? Bring it, I need to get a tree planted as soon as possible. (if you think this sounds bad you should see me a the Cheesecake Factory trying to decide what to eat) :)