Lady Antebellum's  "Need You Now" was the second biggest album for 2010, but the band is trying to stay humble as they get set to begin recording their THIRD album.

There's no question that just about everyone in America heard the title track from "Need You Now".

Does that kind of success get in your head as a band when producing the follow-up album?

Here's what Charley Kelly had to say- from Taste Of

“If we were to use the success of ‘Need You Now’ as the barometer for every other song, then we’ll probably be highly disappointed. That song will probably undoubtedly be the biggest song of our career,” he says, adding that the band simply wants to stick to their roots. “We’re gonna try not to chase it, is what I’m sayin’. If we try to chase that too much, we’ll start to deviate from what made the sound of the group.”

Charles goes on to discuss how pivotal third albums can be for any band.  Get the whole story here!

Do YOU think their next album will be as big as "Nee You Now"?

What was your favorite song off of "Need You Now"- let me know!

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