I have had enough of this talk of making North Colorado the 51st state. Wake up, it's not going to happen. This is a huge waste of time and energy. All that is happening is that we look like idiots to the national media. I understand being frustrated with things at times and not always agreeing with what is going on but that is the cycle of politics.

Do you really want to be a separate state? If you don't like things here you can sure go to Wyoming or Nebraska. They are close by and you don't have to move far. There is no wall around Colorado keeping you here. This whole thing sounds like a bunch of children bickering. We all have the right to let our voices be heard but saying you are going to start a new state is just ridiculous.

I don't always like what goes down in our state but I am proud as hell to live in Colorado. I love my state. I love it's flag, those mountains and the people that live here. I like living in a state that has Broncos and Rockies and free thinking citizens. I wish we could use our energy to bring us together instead of dividing us. We have different people in different communities with different ideas. That is what makes Colorado great. Election time will be here before you know it and you can use all your energy to try to get the people who believe like you do in office. Until then, can we all just get along and be Coloradans?