My wife is coffee junkie. I know there is nothing she enjoys more than that morning cup of happiness. She has worked as a barista and knows her coffee. Yesterday I went shopping and wanted to do something nice for her. I had heard of these Keurig coffee makers that are supposed to be "the bomb". I decided I would get her one and see the reaction.

I knew she was coming home for lunch so I put a little post it note that said "Merry Late Christmas" and left it on the table. She walked in the door and into the kitchen and froze. She stood there and stared like she had just entered a crime scene. She then let out a little noise that I think was a sound of complete happiness and giddiness. After stinking up the house with my new deodorant it was the least I could do. I actually had another motive. I figure if she comes home and whips up a cup she will be more awake and get more done around the house. Yeah right. Be smart guys. Make mama happy.