It's one of the biggest problems facing America today: How to get that darn ketchup out of a non-squeeze containing unit, you know, the old glass bottle.  Millions have been spent on past studies like "the flow rate of ketchup" and stupid grants like that.  Who cares about the flow rate as long as it's flowing.

Students of MIT gathered to solve the greatest non-issue of our generation: The perfect condiment bottle — one that ketchup simply cannot stick to.

And what they came up with was a brilliant substance known as "LiquiGlide."

It's already FDA-approved and the non-toxic coating can be used on any bottles that deal with sticky, like even honey.  According to MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith he says its,

kind of a structured liquid — it's rigid like a solid, but it's lubricated like a liquid.

And it doesn't matter what the bottle is made up of, the contents will flow out of it nearly effortlessly.

So there you go America...fair warning!  Be very careful when opening your next bottle of ketchup or you may find the entire bottle on top of your fries!